Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sweetest Rodent in the World!

Oscar perches above where a dish of  his favourite food has been placed.

 Feast your eyes on these photos taken today. If in a couple of photos,  it looks like a squirrel is on the other side of the cage, you're guessing correctly. Oscar escaped! Lead us a merry chase.
An overview of the two cages that are placed right up against one another so that the four squirrels become socialized.

See the tiny face peaking out?

Oops, Oscar dashed through the door when it was opened just enough to get a hand through when we went to pick him up. Here he is, on the outside looking in at Missy.

He wasn't keen on getting placed back in the cage.

Finally, he was tricked into going back inside. Five more minutes and it would have been time to net him.

Here he is with Missy and Jackie.  Honey, two weeks younger than Oscar  lives in the abutting cage.


Shannon in Ottawa


  1. Sweet is right! Although, in that top photo, he sort of looks like Snoopy when Snoopy is pretending to be a vulture.

    Will he know enough to make himself a nest for winter? It would be interesting to RFD chip him for future reference. How long do squirrels live, anyway?

  2. Hello, he is, indeed, sweet. Yes, he does seem to have some vulture in him. Lol.

    He and his mates would not have time to make a nest for themselves so we are providing nesting boxes in the tree we hope they will ascend. There will be dry leaves inside the boxes so that they'll have the benefit of them and with three or four squirrels in a box, they will keep toasty warm.

    Squirrels live for two years, more or less, I believe. In this time, a female may have up to four litters.

    You mention about identifying the squirrels. We'll know Oscar as he has brownish fur on his stomach and has long white fur on the end of his tail. He's distinctive!