Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visiting Oscar Tomorrow!

Updated photos and info. coming tomorrow on Baby Squirrel Oscar. I will be traveling to the outskirts of Ottawa where Oscar is in sanctuary due to draconian Ministry of Natural Resources dictates on the raising of wildlife by ordinary people.

Oscar has been living the life of Riley with three buddies, Missy, Jackie and  Honey. They have a palatial cage with superb care and all the delicious squirrel-type food they could ever desire.

 They have a nesting box in which they curl up and enjoy one another's body warmth. They are very happy little rodents!

Above are photos of Oscar from two weeks ago when I visited him. He was 12 weeks old at the time and amazingly, even though I hadn't seen him in more than a week, he remembered me. Imagine, that pea-sized brain recalling...a presence be it voice recognition or some visual clue or a smell locked in his head.

On the right is an alert and charming Oscar. Look at the long toenails on this critter! Click on photo to enlarge it.

And the photo of the teeny, naked, blind, and deaf embryo-like creature is Oscar as he was delivered to me by my cat in July. There are tiny puncture marks where the cat gripped him in his mouth, like a kitten, to bring him home. We think that the young mother squirrel may have given birth to Oscar two weeks prematurely which is why, for a long time, he was lagging behind in development.

Keep close by as I'll have photos and an update tomorrow on this amazing little being who has brought so much to so many people's lives.

All best, Shannon

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