Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oscar, the Valliant, Returns

M-L writes excitedly at noon:

Guess who is back?  Oscar!
He was pigging-out on sunflower seeds from where they fall from the bird feeder.  Most of the silver he had in his tail has turned to auburn with silver highlights.  After he ate, he went up the maple tree where the nesting boxes are and scooted into the box that Jackie has not claimed.  A grey squirrel tried to look in after him then withdrew as a fierce little face poked out. Then the grey tried the lower entrance and a small arm flashed out at him. This is now officially Oscar's box when he visits.

Meanwhile, the two red squirrels were having NASCAR races in the fir tree.  Can they move! First one in the lead, then the other as they zoomed through the tree and then dashed into the old cedar hedge for a rip around the obstacle course of the broken limbs. The winner got to chase off the birds and other squirrels feeding on fallen seeds.

I haven't seen Missy in a week or so.  Maybe she has had her babies and is settled elsewhere with the big bad grey squirrels she was hanging out with in the fall and one of whom may be the daddy of her little ones.

Best of all, a mourning dove was eating on the ground under a feeder-- so spring is on the way. Hooray!!!

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