Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Squirrel Sex, Rampant, No Stopping Them!

An update on who is pregnant. No word on how or by whom. M-L writes after catching some rays on the back deck:

I was out in the sunshine this morning and noted the number of exceedingly fat little squirrels. More mommies-to-be! The red squirrel is pregnant and so is one of the black squirrels.  I haven't seen Jackie for a week, so maybe she is in the nesting box with her brood. Missy did a disappearing act and came back sans babies inside her now slim belly. 

Oscar was initially eating hanging upside down on a bird feeder, but left when I came out with my greeting "GOOD MORNING SQUIRRELS!!". No one was visible when I filled the seed trays- now with a 6th put out for the nursing mom who will need even more to eat. I shouted "I know you are out there Missy.......TREATS!" After a minute, I hear the stamping of little feet, and turn around to see her standing by the nut tray with a "hurry up" look on her face. I had the camera and now have pics of Missy and the others, but Oscar booted it when he saw what I was doing.  I guess he likes to be a man of mystery.

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