Friday, April 1, 2011

Chipmunk in Sanctuary

A beautiful early spring day meant that M-L was about to enjoy the squirrels in their own habitate: 
A chipmunk has joined the sanctuary creatures.  I got some pics of the little one with a normal face and then stuffed with seeds in the cheek pouches prior to running off, only to return and repeat the procedure over again for more than 6 visits to the smorgasbord. 

I had a very pleasant surprise today as I put out the seeds and nuts. Missy came ambling up to me and wanted to be handed a cashew.  She looked relaxed and happy. I guess her babies are big enough to give her a break now and again.  She ate a few cashews slowly after gently taking them from my fingers. Then she made multiple trips taking walnut halves away from the sanctuary.  I bet she is introducing nuts to her babies. By now they should be the size of Oscar on Aug 23/10- eyes open, furred, eating solids and starting to walk and play. I really hope she lets me see them. 

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