Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oscar Sighted!

M-L writes excitedly: 

Guess who was on the bird feeder, hanging upside down with little claws clutched to the roof as the body draped over the feeder and wee hands pulled sunflower seeds out of the opening at the base? Oscar!!

He was there really early with one of his young grey squirrel buddies.  They must come early before the cranky, hungry, sleep-deprived moms (same description for moms regardless of species) arrive to chase them off. I got some good pics of him.  Usually he runs away when I come into the sanctuary, but I was slinking like a burglar by the glass door to pick up my camera and get some shots before he knew I was there.  I had to take the pics through the glass, because he would have run away if the door was opened. 
Finally, some updated pics of the man who started it all.
Another squirrel following Oscar's lead.

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  1. HOW FABULOUS!!! What a joy not only to know that he is thriving and that he stuck around - a real and unexpected reward for loving caretakers - but to be cable to recognize him even after all this time. WELL DONE!