Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jackie Finds True Love

M-L writes:
Just saw the blog re no female squirrels refusing sex.  Explains why I have seen a grey squirrel coming out of the the nesting box followed after by Jackie.  Three times!!!! Martha Stewart has turned into Jackie Collins!! She won't even meet my eye and her young male friend boots it when he hears the "old auntie" yell a greeting. 
Missy is nowhere to be found while Jackie is fooling around with the grey squirrel. Missy is still quite protective of her territory when he isn't there. I wonder what Jackie says to her to get her to leave---can't give her money and say go to a movie for a few hours. Not that I'd try to tell that Missy anything.  I thought she would have the first boyfriend as she was hanging around with the other squirrels form the beginning.  Just goes to show that you really have to watch the quiet ones.

Jackie waits for Mr. Grey Squirrel.
Honey has been back a few times- easy to spot now as she is a bit smaller than the other black squirrels and isn't chased away by Missy on one of her clean sweeps of any unwelcome squirrels (in her eyes) from the feeding area. 
The mystery still remains.

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