Saturday, December 4, 2010

Update on Oscar and His Girls

M-L writes a day or two ago: 
Squirrel update has Oscar still being AWOL.  No doubt he has charmed himself into the hearts of a bevy of lovely female squirrels in another tree. We did want him to be wild and free--- the lad is being both to the max. Still haven't given up on seeing him again.

Missy remains very friendly, running to me and jumping onto my chest, then scurrying down my arms to see if I have any treats in my hands.  She objects to me filling all the feeders/dishes with sunflower seeds before she is given a treat.  I swear she knows the word "treat" when I say it. 
The look on her face was so funny earlier in the week with the first snow that stayed for a bit.  She came running towards me,covered with flakes of snow then jumped on the barbecue and with wide eyes glared at me as if I was responsible for the change in weather.  

Jackie tolerates me and devotes her time to amassing the winter supplies under the carpet of leaves around her tree. She shooed away a big gray squirrel who was taking too big an interest in her walnut halves. Actually ran him up the tree trunk and around it a few times, all while holding a massive half walnut shell in her mouth. Honey comes to eat a few seeds from the dishes, then runs away, to return a minute or two later. Shy wee thing still.

I just ran into my neighbour who asked if I found the gray squirrels to be extra friendly this year.  I told him they were no doubt expecting that a bit of encouragement on their part would motivate him to set up a high class resort in his yard like the one I have established in mine. No fast food allowed. All species welcome.
Photo taken of Oscar in late-August.

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