Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Squirrel Fur Galore

M-L writes today about the winter coats the squirrels are sporting:
The furry rodents are wonderful. 
The grey squirrels are still scattering with I announce a "good morning", but they aren't so frantic.  Just getting used to me, I guess.  The rainy day this week, every one ran but little Jackie.  She stayed on the trunk of her tree on a branch, tail over her head, with the rain plodding down. She looked miserable, and accepted cashews put in the nut treat tray.  Bad foster human.......I had none of her favourite walnuts ready. 
One of the little dickens frolicking on the rail.
Blue Jay at the nut tray.
Today was sunny, cool and breezy, and a very fluffy black squirrel came to see me when the others ran on hearing my voice. Missy really has bulked up in fur and I expect weight as well. She just wanted a cashew treat and to go eat it on a tree limb. No jumping on my back to ride around with me while I fill up the feeders and seed trays today. And she is still sweetly taking the nut from my fingers with her mouth as her wee  hands rest on mine. But, twice bitten, always careful when I offer her a treat.
There's a big mystery in squirrel sanctuary.  You have to see the photo to appreciate it.  As soon as I get the pic, the fun of solving the mystery will begin!!

Photographed through a window to give a soft focus.

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