Monday, August 23, 2010

Oscar's Balance Improves

With the infant stimulation program in full-swing, Oscar is coming along by leaps and bounds. He is more active, what with more food and better lighting conditions so that he knows when it is day. Squirrels are not nocturnal so they sleep at night and forage during the day.

When placed on the upper level of his two-story cage, initially, he did not use the branch to return to the first level. Mainly he sort of dropped to the floor.

However, a couple times after being placed on the upper floor, he realized that the branch was a big help returning to his sleeping area. He nibbled the branch a bit and certainly seemed to appreciate the smell of it.

Several times a day, I am waking him and letting him navigate a large tray in which are interesting objects. His muscles are becoming stronger and he is more certain when he crawls.

I really wish I could get a buddy for him because I think he would learn quickly through imitation.

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