Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Solid Food for Oscar

A bowl of fruit and thou, Oh happiness enow. 

Well, not exactly solid food. I am mashing a bit of banana with his formula getting him used to the taste and smell. I will do the same with the avocado and apple as we go along.

Once he starts eating bits of fruit, watch how his tail bushes-out and how quickly he grows.

In speaking with a squirrel-raising expert today,  I was asked if Oscar were becoming aggressive seeing as how he is the male of the species. I had to say no, that he's very sweet and although determined to slurp back food quickly and to not let the syringe slip from his mouth, he never becomes testy. Perhaps this is because he has pretty well only known the warmth of human hands since he was born.

In a surprising comment, my squirrel expert indicated that Oscar should have a buddy and she didn't mean a stuffed toy. She suggested that he needs to accept other squirrels now and said she'd look around for a similarly-aged one that might move here with Oscar and me.

This would be fine but I also said that if the person raising the other squirrel is adamant about keeping it, then Oscar could move there.

This is all about the animals and their adaptation so we shall see what comes of this.

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