Monday, August 16, 2010

Oscar's Good Day

Oscar had lots of rest today since little work took place at the kitchen table so he had peace and quiet.

I was looking at some information on squirrel development and here's where they say for his age:

Baby Squirrel Development Six Weeks
At six weeks, the baby squirrel’s eyes have been open for a few days. His vision will improve dramatically during the sixth week of life, and as this occurs, the squirrel will begin exploring his environment. During the sixth week, teeth will emerge from the upper jaw, making him more apt to nibble on the solid foods that should have been introduced to the nest the previous week.

Food intake changes dramatically at week six. In his nest, provide a small bowl and offer fruits like avocado, banana, apple and melon, but avoid citrus fruits. Also offer high-quality puppy food like Science Diet or Royal Canine. Hand-feedings of formula must continue at a frequency of every four hours; the baby squirrel will eat up to 8 ccs or 9 ccs per meal, sometimes more depending on how much solid food he’s eating.

Oscar is certainly consuming formula in prodigious amounts but he has not, as yet, been introduced to solid food or puppy kibble. Looks like I'll be casing the fruit stands tomorrow to get suitable nourishment for him.

Thankfully, I like all the things he's supposed to so we'll share.

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  1. I find it interesting how far behind squirrels are in development compared with puppies. One would think with wild animals, that they would be more able to get around, like deer, that can stand up right away after birth. Mother Nature is amazing.