Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video of Oscar Eating Lunch

Oscar just under six weeks old.
Oscar is rather ungainly in photos as he is rarely still and the pictures tend to blur. Maybe I should try the sports setting.

I attempted to video him this afternoon by myself. Usually, someone helps because it takes two hands to feed him. However, I thought I would try to prop him up and feed him with my left  hand while taping with my right. This ended up with hilarious results so I switched hands..and then back again.

Not sure Oscar wants to be a movie star but video is certainly a great way to capture his spurts of growth.

The other day, he actually did something I wish I'd caught on tape. He climbed the bars of his cage! This was a total surprise to me as he is barely able to crawl yet he was adept at climbing the bars.

And yet another thing, from time to time, he emits a high-pitch whistle that I can hear out in the back yard. It's a wonder every mother squirrel within two blocks doesn't come running. I know that I dashed up the stairs to see what was going on.

Nothing was the matter. He was simply vocalizing, trying out his voice/lungs, like all babies do from time to time.

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