Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jackie is Working her Magic on Oscar

Bit of a hiatus as winter settles in the the squirrels get use to the temperatures. M-L noticed these things this week:

The furred ones are doing okay and somehow seem impervious to the cold. They stay in their homes on the really bad days with the wind chill plummeting the temperature. It was sunny at noon today and everyone was out in force. 

I've got to tell you two neat things.  First, that hussy Jackie and innocent(?) dear Oscar were running in circles around the trunk of her tree a few days ago, and every now and then they would stop and nibble each other's haunches!! Her regular grey squirrel beau was no where to be seen when she did this.  Also, I caught her going into the other nesting box and peeking out. Perhaps she entertains different men in different boxes.

Remember when Missy was released she ran around to the front of the sanctuary and was found up really high in an old maple tree. The last warm day (Tues?) when I went to get in the truck, I happened to look up in that tree and a small squirrel was again up high snuggled up in a space between a limb and the trunk, enjoying the sunshine. Missy. I guess when she wants a bit of solitude, that's where she goes. What an independent little furry one she is.

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