Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Name Mr. Right

As people may have been aware, there have not been too many photos of Oscar in the past few days and  not too much mention of him. This is because he seemed to have disappeared somewhere and no sight of him for five or six weeks. And then today come and M-L writes:


Again today I saw that smallish squirrel eating alone, but he ran high in a tree after I came out.  I watched him for quite a while and I'm sure this is Oscar.  The silver is in the tail, though there is lots of reddish black as well.  Also, there is the honey bear colouring especially about the collarbone and shoulders. It's not surprising he ran away, as he had been separating from my human contact while inside- only would let me touch him, except for taking an almond, every few days and studiously ignored me if I tried to talk to him or play the way he did when he was a mere scrawny "preteen" squirrel.  The lad has come back to visit, at least for a day or two, and is all grown up. Hooray!!  

Missy and Jackie did a chase around the tree as if it was a maypole.  Both had half a walnut shell securely held her mouth.  There are favourite places in the trees to eat the nuts- back up against the truck while sitting on a limb. No one can get your nut and you can see if anyone is planning to making an attempt. It's not as if the girls don't know I'm good for more treats.  As I said before, squirrels are tree pigs!
 Why was Honey's plush toy picked up from the ground where it lay beside Oscar's toy bear, carried up the tree where it hung on a limb for a few days, and then was found a distance away by the fir tree?  And why was this repeated over a few days?? Who did this??

And how about would any viewers like to suggest a name for Jackie's beau?? He is truly a special squirrel to get Jackie's mind off her Martha Stewart-like obsession with housekeeping.

Any takers?

We'll name the grandsquirrels after you, you and you. 

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