Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowy on the Squirrel Front

 It was quiet on the squirrel front today with all the snow.  Missy wasn't about, so Jackie took on the job of patrolling the seed area.  Only her beau was allowed to eat  without being harassed.  Honey was harassed, but then Jackie wasn't fond of her inside either.  And she even made Oscar root through the snow raiding other squirrel's cache's rather than allow him on deck if she saw him.  When her back was turned or she was up a tree eating, the deck's seed trays were raided by the others. 

It's funny how squirrels chase each other in a straight line on the ground, but chase in spirals up a tree trunk. Funny little creatures with tons of personality if you take time to watch them interact for a while.

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