Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nuts to You

What she really meant was, Nuts to Me. Here's what M-L wrote this evening:

I didn't see Oscar or Honey today, but Jackie, her beau and Missy were up and about.  I hadn't planned on putting out nuts today as they are supposed to be a treat. However, as I watched them eat seeds from the inside sanctuary, Missy climbed to the nut tray and stared at me. 
 When I didn't respond, she ran over  the other nut tray and stared at me. Finally she climbed up onto the chair next to the window and stared at me through the glass. She looked at me with her little face a vision of anger and amazement. Okay, I admit it.  I am a softy. I caved in and filled the nut tray... but only one, not both, as I had to salvage some dignity.  Imagine!  Being stared down by a squirrel!!

I spoke to the squirrel expert yesterday and was happy to report the return of Oscar.  She said that the males have a really wide range and that she wasn't surprised that he returned. 
At this time, the squirrels are thinking of mating and he probably came back here for the food and to check up on his girls. I told her what a wanton woman Jackie had become and he is no longer her only love. Poor Oscar. But I'm sure he will charm his way back into her nest.


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