Monday, March 21, 2011

A Photo of Oscar as a Wee Tyke

This photo was taken on August 2/10, a little more than a month after Oscar came to live with my three cats and me.

He's so small  here, can you imagine how tiny he was in early July when he landed on my doorstep, carried from where he'd fallen by my cat, You You.

For several hours, I thought that YY had entered someone's house and had found a litter of Chihuahua pups  and had taken one. I had no idea what the tiny creature was until one of the neighbours said, "Why, it's a squirrel."

I have no idea how she knew this.

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  1. Oscar still looks pretty thin and very challenged here. I am pleased that he managed to survive despite exposure to a cat....unfortunately their saliva is highly toxic to squirrels and few squirrel make it if they have been exposed to cats. It is a very deadly combo. However, could not be happier to know this had a happy ending.