Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Update on Missy, the Mother

M-L reports:
Missy is the world's largest pig since giving birth. She now eats three cashews and two walnut halves before she will eat her sunflower seeds. 
No one but her was around the sanctuary. I sat outside in the sun, with camera in hand, but couldn't figure out why no squirrels were coming to eat from my overflowing treats and seed trays. After a half hour, I finally paid attention to what sounded like a teletype machine (oldies only know what this sounds like). There was a red squirrel sitting in the cedars flicking a tail around and giving me proper hell. Broadcasting my unwanted presence to everyone!! Only Missy loves me (or my treats) enough to come into the sanctuary with that warning.
Good squirrel---- motherhood has mellowed her.

1 comment:

  1. Missy needs all that nutrition to make the wonderful milk that keeps her babies healthy - and with her. The best "rehabber" for a baby squirrel is still good old Mom.