Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Their Own Little World

After taking a spring break, M-L writes:
It's funny how all the squirrels have changed their behaviour with the coming of spring. Everyone is very busy being a squirrel and very little interested in me...... as it should be if Oscar and his girls are to have been successfully rehabilitated. Some squirrels are casual in feeding and others are frantic. I'm willing to bet the frantic ones are the new moms. Missy is very food motivated and is even shunning her cashews in favour of lots of seeds.
 Did I tell you that the red squirrel has had her babies?  She's much slimmer now, but still has a foul disposition.

Looking at the month old pic of Oscar, remembering he was about  two weeks premature, Missy's babies, now about five weeks old, should have looked like this the end of February. Now they would most resemble Oscar as he did in pictures from the third week of August when he was just starting to eat bits of banana. 
Look at the film clip of him learning to eat solids... it's hard to believe that little fellow grew to be the Oscar that now is tearing around the sanctuary on his own, ignoring all of my greetings. There are buds beginning on the bushes and trees in the sanctuary, so hopefully I will soon have pictures of squirrels eating them and maybe bringing the yummy new growth back to the dreys that are now home to the second generation of Oscar, Missy, Jackie and Honey.

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