Saturday, November 13, 2010

Addendum Four--Digging in the Leaves

Amazing how even though squirrels seem to all look alike, M-L can tell who's who in her back yard squirrel paradise.

M-L writes:
The yard was squirrel-free at noon. All the seed and and the water in the dog bowl were gone. (Annie always got barking if she saw a 'squirrel from Mars' - imagine what she'd do if she saw them using her bowl). The bird feeder with the two extra lid catches was open and the seed removed from the top not the tray. I'm sure it was a black squirrel, but I don't think Oscar or his ladies could do it (yet). People refer to squirrels as tree rats. They are really tree pigs!!

It's fun to see how the squirrels are interacting now they have been living outside with the resident squirrels for 6 days now. Oscar is as laid back as usual, getting on with everyone.... unless they are after his almonds. Jackie is a home body.... I've never seen her other than in her tree or the big fir. She is on edge around the others, especially the greys. She'll go after the black squirrels if they don't show her respect. She seems most happy just digging around the fallen leaves under her tree. Missy interacts more with other squirrels, but still loyal to her nest mates. She is a very confident and assertive squirrel.  Honey was AWOL today.  I sound like an adoring relative, but this is how I see things. Same personalities they've always had.

Tomorrow I'm going to see how they do with walnuts or almonds with cracked shells.

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  1. you say that you sound like an adoring relative. I kinda understand that, since for me, my pets are part of my family.