Thursday, November 11, 2010

Addendum to Release Day, Nov. 7/10

Something of which you may not be aware but there were two of us shepherding Oscar, Jackie, Missy and Honey over the months. ML and I shared custody of the young rodents and it is to her back yard that they were released on November 7.

I know you are going to be fascinated in ML's account of what how the squirrels are adapting and what they are up to. 

In her words: 

Wasn't it lovely to see the squirrels, lead by the intrepid Oscar take off to live their lives!  At 4 pm yesterday afternoon, Missy was still hiding in the tree at the front.  It took a bit of talking but she stuck up her head so I could tell her the new digs were at the back. Jackie was way up the top of their tree as she was when you left. Oscar was in Honey's nesting box doing who knows what, but did come out to get an almond and then boot it up the tree to go in one of the new nesting boxes.

At noon today, there was a wee squirrel who looked like Jackie up at the top of the fir tree in the back yard. No sign of the young man, likely exploring.  I watched for a while from the inside and saw 3 big greys come over to eat the seeds left out for our squirrels.  The 2 medium sized black squirrels ate off the feeders only. 
 After a while, a smaller black squirrel came across the lawn and perched on the door to Oscar's cage.  It looked like Missy, and listened intently to my voice as I spoke to her through the opened patio door. No sign of Honey.  Hopefully she will reappear, but she was such frightened little girl from square one, so I don't know what will become of her.

I don't expect to see much of them with the weather so good and so much world to explore. 
Oscar enjoying sunflower seeds left out for him and his friends.