Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Squirrel Oscar

Haven't heard one way or the other if the young squirrels are safe and sound but expect so. Their cages are being left in place at the bottom of the tree for a couple of days in case they feel the need to check back and to provide them with a touchstone should they forget that the tree and nesting boxes up top are now their home.

What a grand experience it's been raising Baby Squirrel Oscar!

Come spring, there will be an entire population of baby Oscars and Oscarettes as Oscar is quite the man-squirrel and he does, after all, have three charming girl friends, Missy, Jackie and Honey.

There will be updates as they happen.

Thank-you, everyone, for being part of this past summer's amazing events. Who knew that an embryonic rodent brought home by a cat, something that looked like a new-born chihuahua, would flourish and provide endless delight in so many people's lives.

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