Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Day Arrived Today

Cages, doors open, leaning up against the tree.
The weather in Ottawa was superb for squirrel-release today. Sun shining, no precipitation and none called for the next few days.
The two cages were carefully brought outside and propped up against the tree in which two nesting boxes had been secured.

The idea was for the squirrels to exit and run up the tree to discover the familiar boxes, into which dried leaves had been stuffed, and to realize that this was their tree, their new home.

Nesting boxes well-placed in a mature tree.

Oscar was first out.

He headed right up the tree, circling it as he did.
Looking into their nesting box in the cage, it was packed with the stuffing from a plush toy they'd ripped apart.

Oscar on the left and Jackie headed up the tree together.
Oscar perched on the roof of his new home.

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