Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Addendum Seven - To-ing and Fro-ing of Squirrels

M-L writes this update:
The really good news is ..........(suspense).................. guess who is back????  Honey!!!  I had been watching this smallish shy black squirrel for a few days as she ate at the periphery of the squirrel haven. She seemed to feel at home, but was wary of attention from any of the other squirrels.  Today she got brave and came on to the deck to eat. She has no real distinguishing features, unlike the other of our squirrels, but her behaviour is the same as Honey's was inside. She and Missy touched noses, and then Missy ran her off. Missy did like Honey when they were inside, so I think Missy was just establishing who is boss. As Jackie never liked Honey while their cages were abutting, I'm curious to see how she will react to her return. Jackie was up the tree eating a walnut when Honey and Missy met.

Missy runs everyone off, except Jackie, Oscar and I, but there are degrees.  The red squirrel is run off to the fir tree.  The resident black squirrels are chased all around the lawn and trees for a while, then off 'her' property. The grey squirrels are run right out of the yard as quickly as possible and with a more authoritative manner.  Jackie is inconsistent on whether she will run off the other squirrels, I guess depending on how brave she feels on any given day.

Oscar is still not around and I presume off with the lads.  He is a teenage male. I miss him, but as long as he is having a happy squirrel life, I'm content. 
And Honey did come back, at least for a bit, and I had given up any hope of seeing her again.

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