Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Raining so Worms but no Squirrels

The rain is a warm one but rain, nonetheless, so the squirrels have stayed  in their nesting box.

Meanwhile, Harvey, my year-old orange and white kitten with a blue eye and a gold eye, he loves the rain as it gives him a chance to do what he appears to do perfectly, that is, catch worms.

Perhaps it's a dietary thing, maybe he needs more protein, but if there are worms in the driveway or garden, then Harvey, consummate "wormer" that he is, chases them, catches them and brings them home in his mouth to dump unceremoniously on the kitchen floor.

Well may you say, don't let the wretched beast in with worms dangling from his kitten maw but (said with consternation and a certain amount of defeat) I have a cat door!

I located a fake worm for him today and visually, he's attracted to it but once he smells it, he loses interest. The ersatz rubber worms just don't have the same aroma and taste as the real thing.

Harvey's not the keen on the fake squid, either.

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