Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oscar Defends His Territory - Addendum Three

M-L writes on November 10, 2010

Another update so we can all relax. When the squirrels were inside, I came down the stairs with a loud 'good morning squirrels' no matter what time of day. I've kept this up when I go outside to feed them.  Another familiar thing to make them feel reassured, but likely not reassuring to the neighbours (tee hee). 

This morning there were the 2 giant greys, 3 regular greys and 6 various black squirrels--word is spreading this is a great place to eat apparently.  As I gave my morning greeting, all scattered.  After making a sumptuous spread of sunflower seeds, I was watching the birds then I just about leaped out of my skin when a squirrel came out of no where and landed a foot away from me.  Oscar! 
Slowly 3 smallish black squirrels came to eat from the trays and get a drink from the dog bowl. Missy, Jackie and Honey!! We celebrated with almonds. Gradually, the other squirrels came back to the buffet (I'm putting out lots to minimize the fighting). One of the giant greys tried to come over and get an almond, not knowing this was a private party, but Oscar chased him away. Did it ever look funny to see little Oscar chasing a squirrel the size of a baby ground hog.

Oscar, big, brave squirrel.


  1. so I see Honey finally has come out.

  2. Yes, she surfaced from when she ran after she finally exited her cage. We are relieved that she found her way home.