Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oscar and Family, all Doing Well

Squirrel Haven or is it Heaven?

Latest update from ML, November 10/10

Oscar is quite a guy.  I don't think he knows he is on the small side..... maybe that means his testosterone is more concentrated and therefore more bluster.  It seems that way with the  male of our species. The bossy red squirrel later came to eat, chattering at everyone for 1/2 hour from a tree first and then chasing everyone away. Jackie got brave and chased away a regular size grey from the plastic feeding bowls, though she let him feed at another nearby pile of seeds. When he tried to look in her nesting box after she had entered, he got treated to the growls I got when I pissed her off and he had the sense to leave just as she thrust out her angry little face. I've seen Oscar, Jackie and Missy in the nesting box that Oscar checked out when released, but I don't know for sure if Honey sleeps there or elsewhere.


  1. oooh my God1 they have their boxes, thats super nice!!