Sunday, November 21, 2010

Addendum Six - Oscar Off Being With the Boys

The four black squirrels, Oscar and his harem of Missy, Jackie and Honey, were released two weeks ago. Ottawa's weather has been Indian Summer-like which is a boon to these neophytes who are not used to searching  for food under leaf-cover much less under snow. Food will be provided for them all winter long so no worries there and this good weather has allowed them to adapt slowly, putting on extra fat and fur.

ML had an interesting time with her furry friends today:

Honey is still AWOL. Perhaps off with the squirrel who kept eying her through the window.  I still hope she comes back, but if she is happy elsewhere, that's what counts. The giant grey squirrels haven't been back, but there are still 4-5 regular greys and the same number of black squirrels, not counting "our" squirrels. And that crabby little red squirrel. Lots of birds showing up now the giant greys have gone.

I finally spotted Oscar today. He is being quite the man and not hanging around with home as much.  He would go for a week ignoring me when he was inside, so this isn't unusual for him. I got the camera going and tried to get a pic of him, but he just went off with another black squirrel into the neighbour's yard. Jackie is still shy.  She sits on the fir tree 10 feet in the air on a limb that was cut off and extends only six inches  from the trunk. That or she stares down at me from on high in the maple.  She listens to my voice, but won't come close unless there are seeds to eat, and then she prefers to be at least 4 feet away.

And then there's Missy.....  I guess I am her best friend because my blood must taste good. As soon as she sees me she comes running and leaps onto my jacket and rides around on my chest, back or shoulder as I check out to see what bird/squirrel feeders need filling. I really have to watch she is not under foot or trying to follow me inside these days. The little piglet had me in stitches today as she tried to stuff  two unshelled almonds in her mouth to bury elsewhere.  Jackie loves to eat the almonds after she shells them, but Missy is planting a forest of almond trees.

Oscar at six weeks old was carried in a pouch around my neck. This was part of the Infant Squirrel Stimulation Program that ML and I initiated to bring him up to snuff. Being premature, he was behind in development and needed extra attention to bring him into full squirreldom.

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