Friday, July 9, 2010

Oscar does the Gatineau

Well, he didn't exactly do the Gatineau, those rolling hills in La Belle Province that surround Ottawa, but he did spend five hours there, nestled in his plastic container in my Caravan beside which I placed a soft drink bottle filled with hot water which I then wrapped in a towel and this provided warmth for most of the day. I refilled the bottle with hot water half way through the afternoon as he seemed a little lethargic. This was probably because he was not being kept at a constant temperature.

The heating pad chez moi upon which his small container sits is on low all the time and it warms up his ersatz nest nicely. The plastic container is lined with paper and fake turquoise fur. The paper is changed regularly and the fake fur washed and replaced.

I don't have a photo of Oscar today but suffice to say, he looks the same. Black, bulbous, unseeing eyes and a teensy body that looks more large earth worm than mammal. Perfectly-formed little hands and feet and a rat-like tail. No fur and no sign of fur. Microscopic whiskers.

A sign that he's growing is that his ears have come out from his head. At first, they were flush. The photo below is taken from a website that shows how to tell the age of a squirrel. From what they say, Oscar is a week to two weeks of age. He looks just like these ones here.

Hard to fathom but I have become a stay-at-home mom.

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