Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oscar is Doing Well

I was not prepared for the raising of this creature but I am getting there. Got some Esbilac a puppy formula for hand-feeding pups and Oscar has taken to this well. I feed him using the syringe in the photo in the far left photo. I load it and then place it in hot water to bring it up to over 98 F and I heat it over the duration of feeding by placing it in a dish of hot water. I'm not sure if he's grown over the past two days but he sure packs away the food! I know that he's getting stronger; his little limbs push and pull at the syringe and when he has had enough, he struggles before he falls fast asleep. I try to wash him with a
warm water-soaked cotton ball before putting him back on the fake fur bed
I made in a square plastic container.

Because Oscar needs to be kept between 98 and 102F, I have his bed sitting on a heating pad. He is protected from getting over-heated by a cake rack on the pad over which a sheet of newspaper has been placed.

His eyes are still closed and won't be open for up to four more weeks.

Tomorrow, I take Oscar with me on a trip to the Gatineau. Not that he'll know where we are but I have to be along Highway 148 and don't want to miss any feedings so have to take him with me.

Stay tuned to hear how this adventure goes.

Thank-you, Shannon Lee

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