Thursday, July 15, 2010

World-traveller, Oscar heads back to Gatineau tomorrow

Tomorrow, Oscar and I are back in Gatineau for the day. This means packing his diaper bag with formula, Q-tips, wipes and a bottle filled with hot water that keeps him warm in the van. It's at times such as these that I wish I have the 1970 VW Westphalia I used to call my most hilarious vehicle. It came with a lengthy, thick extension cord that plugged into110 and activated a electrical outlet in the van. If I had the VW, I could simply bring the heating pad and not worry about keeping him at a constant temperature.

At home, as an extra precaution, I place a strainer over the plastic container over which I put a laundry basket. The photo above shows how peaceful he sleeps. Below, he is awake and stretching towards where he figures food might appear. This shot certainly shows his large cranial development and demonstrates, with the darkening of his skin, that he is leaving the "pinkie" stage and will soon start to sprout fur.

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