Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oscar is Growing

Two hours before the next feeding and Oscar is napping. He actually falls asleep in my hand after his "bottle" and when I put him down in his plastic box, he flakes out, only squirming and protesting as I try to stimulate him into having a bowel movement. Oh, the joys of being a squirrel mom!

Here he is yawning awake for one of his afternoon feedings.

Resident squirrel expert, Lynne, brought over some hydration fluid and I am mixing a little in with the formula. He doesn't seem to be constipated any more but I don't want to take any chances.

You'll recall in an earlier post, seeing a photo of the squirrel beside a Pink Pearl eraser, or at least, what we used to call a Pink Pearl eraser. He was smaller than it.

In this next photo, you will see how much he's grown in just over a week. And Lynne says it appears that he's getting some fine hairs growing along his spine and on his face. I have to admit, he does seem to be taking on less of a pink wrinkled appearance and one where he seems to be turning gray. I do not know if Oscar is a gray, black or brown squirrel, there are so many in my neighbourhood, he could be any variety. 

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