Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oscar Speaks!

Well, OK, he vocalized. For a little being that neither sees nor hears, and pretty well eats, sleeps and excretes, this is a red-letter day for he actually started to chirp at noon to announce that he was hungry. He's on a four-hour schedule now and eats double what he used to with the three-hour and way more than the two-hour schedule.

I was working at my desk and heard what sounded like a bird and immediately thought, "What have the cats brought home now?" But they were conspicuously not present when I walked into the kitchen. However, Oscar was moving about his aquarium home and making anxious, no doubt, frustrated trilling sounds.

This is, technically, not the first time he's made a sound. When the cat ran by me with him in his mouth that first day, July 6, he was squeaking, probably out of fear and pain as the cat left puncture wounds in his neck.

The photo below shows how I know that this is Oscar and not Oscarina. If you look at his face, you will see how well his whiskers are developing.

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