Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ringer's Solution and Whipping Cream

Oscar has several experts involved in his case. Not case-managers, per se, but people who are interested in his welfare. Squirrel expert, Lynne, mentioned that he is not putting on weight and growing fur in keeping with his month-old age and suggested that I beef-up his formula with cream. I don't get cream in my coffee but Oscar is fattening up on a dollop added to his formula

Look at the fat little belly now! And note how his features and tail are taking on squirrel characteristics. He no longer looks like a baby Boxer.

In the photo above, he is flaked out in May-Lo's warm, cosy hand. (May-Lo, prettier sister to J-Lo, of course.). She  brought Oscar some important Ringer's saline solution, which is also mixed with his formula to keep his kidneys perking along. Ringer's was invented by British physiologist, Sydney Ringer (1836-1910).


  1. He is the cutest fur baby I have seen to date LOL
    Huggs Darlene

  2. Why thank-you, Darlene. Oscar and I are glad to have you aboard as a follower.